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Review by  chemindezecon


"A very pleasant couple of days spent learning the ins and outs of the Locksmith. Although there was a bit of 'magic' in the picking part, my friendly instructor saved me the price of the course just by telling me the tools of the trade NOT to buy , ( I didn't feel like telling him 5 days before, I had wasted money buying the biggest pick set available!) By all means go on this two day eye-opener course, but don't buy any tools until you have had the hands on experience he will give you and the information of what and what not to buy that you will receive, he also makes many nice cups of tea! Thanks also for the offer of later backup telephone help if ever I need it. I can throughly recommend this training offer as very good value.


Review by jenilizred


"As a complete novice, I spent two days with Geoff learning what being a ‘Locksmith’ was all about. Geoff has a friendly and professional approach, backed up by outstanding knowledge and experience of the Locksmith business and techniques that can be used. The ‘hands on’ sessions ensured that I felt confident to go on my first job after leaving the course.

The course also covered trade suppliers, legalities, insurance, advertising, add on sales, and how to maximise profitability - plus lots more!

As mentioned in the other review, do not buy tools until you have been on the course, Geoff will suggest the right kit to buy and point out tools that may not be needed (this will save you money)!

If you are thinking of becoming a locksmith, sign up for this course - without doubt, it outstanding value for money.

Geoff offers telephone backup support after the course – it is a ‘genuine’ offer, I know because I have called him today for some advise whilst doing a job."




Review by truckletheuncivil


"A very helpful course. Covers legalities, insurance, advertising, how to get repeat business, and the practical side of the trade.

Helpful information on what tools you will need (and what you don't need). Very good practical demonstrations and practice opening, drilling, dismantling and assembling locks etc. Offer of telephone support afterwards included. I highly recommend this if you are thinking of going on a course."







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